Proportioning Valves - Proportioning Valve - Disc/Disc Brass



Add safety to your brake system with this 4 wheel disc brake brass proportoning valve. When upgrading to a dual bowl master cylinder is it always wise to add a proportioning valve equipped with a safty switch. The safty switch built into this valve senses when your brake system is producing unequal or lower pressure to one or more of the wheels, usually caused by a component failure. When the valve senses this drop or change in pressure it will cut off the pressure to the port supplying fluid to the defective brakes, thus stopping the leak. At this point you have noticed a change in your pedal feel, your brakes stopping ability and possibly the warining light on your dashboard. You will now be able to safely pull the vehicle off the road without causing harm to you or your vehicle. Without this valve installed if a component fails on your vehicle your brake pedal will drop to the floor as you pump the pedal with little to no braking. Brakes are the most important component on your vehicle, do it right the first time, be safe.

Adjustment Style: Fixed
Inlet Quantity: 2
Inlet Attachment: Front - 1/2-2: Rear 7/16-27
Outlet Quantity: 3
Outlet Attachment: Front (2) 3/8-24 : Rear 9/16-21
Proportioning Valve Finish: Natural
Proportioning Valve Material: Brass
Quantity: Each